BBC Reel History at the National Museum of Scotland

Housewives-of-Tomorrow Join Tales of Things at the Museum to celebrate Scotland’s history through archive films as part of a new series on BBC2 – Reel History of Britain . Some of you may remember that in April we tagged the Museum’s, Scotland: A Changing Nation gallery, with a variety of QR codes. Each of these codes links to extra content on the object including archive films and photographs. On the week end of the 8th of October we are offering a unique opportunity to view films from the Scottish Screen Archive which have been featured in the exhibition. This will be a chance to view the films in full and on a large screen in the Museum’s newly opened auditorium. A variety of films will be shown throughout the weekend such as the making of the Hillman Imp motor car; building of Cumbernauld; industry in Dundee; textile manufacturing and the production of a Singer Sewing machine.

We would also like to hear your views on the films and any memories that they may bring back and the Tales of Things team will be on hand to record people’s stories. These stories will be added to the QR codes in the gallery contributing to the growing history of the objects. If you would rather just watch the films however there is no pressure to take part. In addition to this we will be holding our Making Memories workshop as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival on the 9th of October 1-4pm (see last post for more details). Any recordings taken during this time will have the opportunity to be part of an exciting performance at Inspace (University of Edinburgh Informatics building) in the evening.

Outline of the Week End’s free Events:

Saturday 8 October

11am-4.30pm Film screening of Scottish Screen Archive films shown all day in the Auditorium

Sunday 9 October

11am-4.30pm Film screening of Scottish Screen Archive films shown all day in the Auditorium See here for a list of films

1-4pm Making Memories Workshop, Learning Centre, National Museum of Scotland

6-7.30pm Memory Mix, Screening of Films with live DJ mix of memories collected from workshops.


Inspace Event

Memory Mix

6-7.30pm Sunday 9th October. Refreshments will be served on arrival. Free event.

Cumbernauld-screen Tales of Things will be hosting a night of films from the Scottish Screen Archive with a twist. Your memories will be mixed live by a DJ onto the archive films making an orchestra of voices and stories at Inspace. Promising to be a unique experience and giving you the chance to feature in your own film!

The films represent a mix of places and people from the New Town of Cumbernauld to the far isles of St Kilda.

Film Titles (all courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive):

A Cruise to St Kilda (1929). Scenes of life in St Kilda from 1929.

Birth of a Sewing Machine (1934). The manufacturing processes involved in making a Singer sewing machine at Clydebank, Glasgow.

Housewives of Tomorrow (1951). Domestic Science- as taught in a Glasgow School, showing the girls how to be good housewives.

Young in Heart (1963). Film showing the making of the Hillman Imp motorcar known as the ‘Scottish car’.

Songs of Scotland (1963). Hamish Henderson singing one of his songs in a local Edinburgh pub.

Cumbernauld, Town for Tomorrow (1970). Film about the New Town of Cumbernauld showing the optimism surrounding it at the time.


Inspace, 1 Crichton Street

Click here to book a place

For more information on any of the events please contact us.

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